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William John "Bill" Moreland was born March 9th, 1943 in Hot Springs, South Dakota. From 1971 to 1993 he and his family were missionaries in Brazil. He died of cancer in Joplin, Missouri on June 15th, 1993. His wife, Janet Moreland, will continue the work in Belem, Brazil.

Bill was baptized into Christ in 1954 when he was 11 years of age, and dedicated his life to full-time Christian services in 1955. He married Janet Marie Stewart in 1961 at Montrose, Colorado. They came to Joplin that Fall where he enrolled in Ozark Christian College.

Of their five living children, the second youngest (Karen) works in the Church of Christ in Minas Gerais with her husband. The second oldest (Paul) served also as a missionary in Brazil from 1987 to 1994 in the state of Maranhão.

Bill first visited Brazil in the summer of 1967. On October 6th, 1971 Bill moved his family to Belem, Para, Brazil and began language study. In 1972, Bill and Janet began to work with the Agulha congregation while David Bayless was on furlough. They received incalculable help in the work from Miguel Durate Their Brazilian helper and coach.

In 1973 they moved to Araguaina, Tocantins (then Goias) to help in the frontier work which had been started by Jim and Mary Moreland . They continued in this work until 1984. Bill worked in the outback as well as in Araguaina, and also went with Lucas Ananias Pires to Maranhao because Lucas wanted his family there to also hear the Good News from God. Work in that area is was taken up by Bill and Janet's son, Paul Moreland, and his family and continued from 1988 to 1994.

In 1984 they moved back to Belem to work near the inner city. They taught and evangelized in the Jardim Maguari neighborhood in connection with work which had been begun by Bob and Doris Myers and Allen and Darenda Kisner.

Bill loved the Word of God and the power the Word has to change people's lives. He loved to teach. He loved people. Bill liked to see Christians working together for the Lord. He was a peacemaker.

Bill often pointed out that every Christian should be a missionary -- we each should tell someone about our salvation and what the Lord has done for us.. He reminded, "If you know enough to accept salvation, you know enough to tell someone else about Jesus."