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The Purpose

To win souls for Jesus Christ, to establish New Testament Churches and to form and found a "Preacher Training" school for the educating of young nationals who will carry out the evangelism of Brazil

The Opportunity

"Opportunity for Christ" would be an apt slogan for a mission study of Brazil. As early as 1808, Henry Martyn cried out "Crosses, Crosses everywhere, but when will the doctrine of the cross be held up?" A prominent denominational official from South America said, "South America is Christianity's blackest failure." Speaking of the doctrines of the Roman Church he said. "There is no paganism so hard to fight as that of a perverted Christianity." He too spoke of the crosses. And now, out of the spiritual blackness of the present day. Brazilians view their land and find it more filled with crosses than in the time of Martyn, and they too voice the pathetic plea, "Keep your theologies, but bring us Christ!" People are eager to know and to serve the Risen Lord ! (Excerpt from BCM newsletter 1948)

The Plan

The plan of Brazil Christian Mission is a simple one: To win souls for Jesus Christ, to establish New Testament Churches and to form and found a "Preacher Training" school for the educating of young nationals who will carry out the evangelism of Brazil.

Taking its pattern from the actions of the Master, the mission sought out strategic points in Brazil from which to conduct the ministry of the Word. After careful study it was decided that this kind of work could best be done where things were newest and the spirit of change permeated the air.

Accordingly the city of Goiania, in the central state of Goias was selected. The state itself is a new frontier land in the heart of the nation. At its longest point i stretches over 1,000 miles north and south, and at its wides, over 200! Possessing a character much like that of the western area of the United States during the time of Alexander Campbell, it is being invaded by more than one hundred thousand immigrants each year. Within this state and only a short distance from Goiania, has been laid out the "propose Federal District" for the national capitol.

Here is this strategic area, where the new city is destined to be of primary importance in the affairs of all Brazil, The Brazil Christian Mission plans not only to preach the Gospel but has founded a college for the training of Brazilian preachers.

The Organization

Brazil Christian Mission originally began as the "Lloyd David Sanders Missionary Fund", and had its genesis at Johnson Bible College in May of 1943 when the fiftieth anniversary graduation class and their sponsor J. Fred Bayless, conceived the idea of the fund. The purpose of the fund was to send their fellow classmate, Lloyd Sanders, to the mission field of Brazil and to supply him with equipment, supplies, transportation, and provision while on the field.

In 1947 it was decided that others must also be recruited for the field and the mission put on a more stable and business like basis. Accordingly the name was changed to "Brazil Christian Mission": J. Richard and Carolee Ewing were invited to join in the pioneer effort of evangelism in Brazil; and the "fund" was reorganized.

It was with deep reluctance that the mission was made a "closed corporation", but it was felt necessary for several reasons, the greatest of which was a firm conviction that the course of the mission must not necessarily be directed by those whose contributions are largest, and that the missionaries themselves should choose the co-workers.

The incorporation of the mission has been to provide an adequate trusteeship before the governments of the Untied States and Brazil.

The purpose of the Board of Representatives is first to aid and assist the missionaries in every way possible, and to insure the continuation of the work unabated in the event of the withdrawal or death of all the missionaries. Secondly, to hold in trust for God, mission property. Thirdly, to represent the mission on the home front while the missionaries are in the field. Fourthly, to aid in giving a strict and accurate accounting of all funds sent to the mission for the evangelism of Brazil. Fifthly, to advise the missionaries as to matters of policy, selection of new recruits, etc.

The Board of Representatives is in no sense a "controlling" or "dictating" faction of the mission. Its members are selected by the missionaries, serve without remuneration, and though having a voice in general policy, leave to the missionaries, the responsibility "For the ministry of the Word, the establishment of Churches, the recruiting of native evangelist and teachers, and all other such duties as relate primarily to the mission field." According to the constitution, "The Board of Representative shall be responsible for mission property, publicity, administration of mission funds, and all other such duties as will relieve the missionaries of administrative duties in the United States and free them for the saving of souls in Brazil.

Thus is achieved an organization which leaves the missionaries unhampered for their work in the field, and at the same time is so constituted as to achieve "what is honorable, not only in the Lord's sight, but also in the sight of men."

New missionaries may be affiliated with Brazil Christian Mission upon the unanimous approval of the missionaries on the field and a 4/5 majority vote of the Board of Representatives.

Board Members at time of inception 1948

W. O. French, Elder, First Christian Church, Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Chairman Floyd Case, Minister Christian Church, Carlock, Illinois, Vice Chairman Earl Heald, Minister and Professor, Inter-mountain Bible College, Grand Junction, Colorado, Secretary Wm. A. Cook, Minister, First Christian Church, Guymon, Oklahoma, Mission Agent and Treasurer Dale McAfee, Minister, Christian Church, Straight, Oklahoma, Promotion and Publicity manager Ting R Champie, Minister, Broadway Avenue Christian Church, Wichita, Kansas Warren F Mathis, Minister Fountain Square Christian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana Floyd Strater, Minister, Davis Park Church of Christ, Enid, Oklahoma

Vicky Hansen, Circulation Manager for monthly publication of Brazil Christian Mission

Missionaries bio

Philip and Tabita McAfee

Marybell Schriner

Vanessa Neit

Carol and Barbara Lowe  

Carol and Barbara Dilley

Richard and Carolee Ewing

Charles and Anne Kent

Edwin and Lula Knowls

Jim and Donne Pomaseich

Dale and Carol McAfee

Harry and Elaine Scates

John and Bettie Nichols

Gary and Kathy Meyer

Jerry and Mrs. Hall

Kenneth and Clarice Mathis

Jim and Sandra Bunch

William and Lora Metz

Tom and Libby Fife

Jim and Vanita Davis

Robert and Delarni Fife

Merlin and Gertrude Shields

Jeff and Monica Fife

Ruth Spurgeon

Luiz and Starla Azevedo

Ellen Case

L. David and Ruth Sanders

Steve McAfee