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Core Values

Our ministries are Christ-exalting, prayer-focused, Bible-based, and Church-centered.

  • We value teamwork, beginning with a supportive US staff and flowing through our missionaries to each field team.
  • We demonstrate a proven record of results through field continuity, accountability, and fruitfulness.
  • We offer a variety of options for entry into missions (fields, approaches/strategies, roles, term lengths).
  • We prayerfully engage in research, vision casting, strategic planning, and bold initiatives.
  • We seek to train and strengthen local churches and ministries to be national-led and supported.
  • We ensure that all members receive appropriate attention to emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical wellness, as well as personal development.
  • We partner with US churches to strengthen and expand our involvement in the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

Statement of Faith

We Believe

  • That God – who eternally exists in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – desires everyone to believe in Him, glorify Him, obey Him, and enjoy eternity with Him.
  • That Jesus was born of a virgin and lived without sin, gave His life for the forgiveness of our sins, and rose from the grave in triumph.
  • The personal mission of the Holy Spirit is to point to Jesus and to empower Christians to live transformed lives, love one another, and to share the story of Jesus.
  • That God inspired the Scriptures, and they reveal His plan for all nations concerning faith and how we are to act.
  • That we are all separated from God by sin and depend on His grace – demonstrated through His Son Jesus – to be saved. We are to share this Good News throughout the world.
  • The Church is a community of Christ-followers that He established to participate with Him in the mission of personal and community transformation. Followers of Christ live in obedience to Scripture, and show love and mercy to others.
  • In the New Testament Church, a person shows belief in Jesus and acceptance of Him as the One who saves him by being immersed in the name of Jesus Christ. This expression of obedience that Jesus commands welcomes the person into a unique relationship with Christ and fellowship with other believers.
  • The New Testament Church remembers the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ through communion when they meet together.

Church Planting

Cross-cultural church planting is the very heart of our ministries, as it has been from CMF’s founding. Church planting takes many people and different strategies to establish a worshiping community among people who have not heard the Gospel. We have seen that by planting reproducing churches and training strong national leadership, a church-planting movement is the natural fruit. This means developing within a local church the passion, vision, and resources to reach out beyond their location into their community and even the world.

Church planting requires generalists, such as preachers and evangelists, as well as specialists. Our missionaries can be seen working with a church under a tree in the Turkana desert or in a school building in the Midlands of England. Or, church planters can be found working alongside nationals in a Mexico City suburb or a Djoula courtyard in Ivory Coast. Closed countries offer opportunities for planting churches through the use of cell groups or house churches.

Discipleship and leadership training then become key components in establishing national-led churches that are ready to reach out beyond their own communities.

A Short History

We have been in Brazil since 1957, and all ministries are now overseen by Brazilian ministers and lay leaders. Although we do not have missionaries on the field, there is a vibrant Church Planting ministry in São Paulo state because of a CMF-led partnership of Brazilian and American churches. The goal of planting 5 churches in 7 years (2003-2009) through the partnership between Brazilian churches planted by CMF, partner churches in the US, and CMF has been met! The churches are: Pedreira, Paulinia, Piracicaba, Americana, and Koinonia. These churches are growing with lots of excitement for the future!

To ensure maximum growth in numbers and depth, each church begins through the cell church strategy. CMF’s objective is for Brazilians to establish strong, self-sufficient, and reproducing Christian communities.

CMF made entry to Brazil in the spring of 1957, with the Eugene Smith and Jamie Morgan families. After language school in Campinas, they moved to São Paulo to begin church planting in 1959. The Morgans returned to the U.S. in 1961. The Smiths continued in ministry in Brazil until 1971.

Those who were part of the Brazil work over the next decade were: Audrey Dodson (1961-1966); Lee and Nicki Donnell (1965-1969); Jim and Donna Pomajevich (1966-1969); Marshall and Anne Combs (1968-1970).

Harry and Margaret Baird went to Brazil in 1969 and began using non-traditional methods of ministry among the poor in Campinas. They served there until 1980. Rich and Lynn Hicks arrived in Brazil in 1970 and concentrated ministry on the university campus in Campinas.

Darrell and Jan Smith (1976-1980), Wayne and Gail Long (1976-1984), Gary and Linda Stilwell (1977-1978), Lowell and Kathy Hunefeld (1979-1986) invested their lives in ministry in Campinas.

In 1984, the Brazil team began to focus on the middle class. Rusty and Jan Thornley and Damon and Glenna Martinez joined the Brazil team that same year. Thornleys worked in Campinas, and the Martinez family began work in Ribeirão Preto.

Rich and Lynn Hicks completed their service with CMF in 1986. Jeff and Patty Greene served from 1987-1991 in church planting in Campinas. Jim and Holly Gullett arrived in 1987 and joined the Martinez family in Ribeirão Preto. In 1988, Chip and Teri Stauffer joined the team in Campinas. John and Karen Wilson began in 1990 to work in the business administrator role for the team and completed service in May 1994. Bill and Marcie Smith joined the team later in 1990. The Wilsons and Stauffers concluded service in 1994, and the Smiths concluded service in 1995.

Team members also provided guidance and served as resources for the working pastors of the working class churches in Campinas and São Paulo. The middle class church in Campinas took on a Brazilian pastor, moving the church toward missionary disengagement and becoming a fully Brazilian church.

Lowell Hunefeld joined the team in March 1994 as a short-term assistant in Ribeirão Preto, married in October 1994, and his wife Blanche joined him in April 1995. In May 1994, Jim Gullett was confirmed by the CMF Board as the Latin America Coordinator, but completed service in March 1996 due to injuries Jim sustained in a car accident. Tom and Amy Moen arrived in Brazil in April 1995, and Cris Crisfield arrived in July.

Cris opened new avenues in ministering to the poor and those in prison, and completed service in 2000. The Hunefelds completed service with CMF in 2003 but remained in Ribeirão Preto. After working in church planting ministry, the Moens reopened campus ministry in Campinas in 2004. They were joined by Adam Suter and Michelle Harris. Adam and Michelle returned to the US in 2005 to be married (then went on to CMF campus ministry in Spain). As nationals assumed the work of the campus ministry, the Moens completed service in 2006.


Eugene and Pat Smith 1957-1971
James and Katherine Morgan 1957-1961
Audrey Dodson Fenner 1962-1966
Lee and Nicki Donnell 1965-1969
Jim and Donna Pomajevich 1966-1969
Marshall and Ann Combs 1968-1970
Harry and Margaret Baird 1969-1980
Rich and Lynn Hicks 1970-1986
Dave and Eleanor Reynolds* 1973
Wayne and Gail Long 1976-1984
Darrell and Jan Smith 1976-1980
Gary and Linda Stilwell 1977-1978
Lowell and Kathy Hunefeld 1979-1986
Rusty and Jan Thornley 1984-1996
Damon and Glenna Martinez 1984-1997
Jeff and Patty Greene 1987-1991
Jim and Holly Gullett 1987-1996
Chip and Teri Stauffer 1988-1994
John and Karen Wilson 1990-1994
Bill and Marcie Smith 1990-1997
Lowell Hunefeld* 1994-1996
Lowell and Blanche Hunefeld 1997-2003
Tom and Amy Moen 1995-2006
James “Cris” Crisfield 1995-2000
Adam Suter 2004-2005
Michelle Harris* 2005