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Dale Henry McAfee, 68, died Sunday morning, August 23, 1998, of a heart attack. Born March 7, 1930, Dale was the son of James and Mildred McAfee, born in Denison, Kansas, met his wife Carol Barry Skow, while both studied at Manhattan Christian College. He graduated from Valley Falls High School and Manhattan Bible College. He did his graduate work at Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma and Fuller Theological Seminary School of Missions in Pasadena, California, and later went to Phillips University, Enid, Oklahoma for his master degree. Later Dale attended Fuller School of Missions for another master degree and served churches in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma before taking his family to Brazil as missionaries in 1961.

Dale worked with Brazil Christian Mission stateside till they finally left for the mission filed in November of 1961. The McAfee family arrived at the newly built airport of the new capitol of Brazil (Brasilia, DF), which had just been inaugurated in April of that year. They were received by the Lloyd David Sanders family, and spent that Christmas in in Goiânia at the Christian Institute. From there the family went to Campinas, São Paulo to attend language school at the Presbyterian Seminary. Upon completing the language school they returned to the city of Goiânia, Goiás, where Dale and Carol helped with teaching at the Seminary, and supply preaching in 4 churches in that city.

After several terms in Goiânia the family then moved to Ceres, Goiás, where Dale continued serving the various congregations spread around the state of Goiás, along the Belém-Brasilia highway, preaching, teaching and training local leadership.

Eventually they planted the Christian Church of Ceres, which is now under national leadership. He also worked with two other churches and two preaching points in the remote rural area of central Brazil. He started the Cow Project, designed to help rural farmers build a healthey herd of cattle, improving the situation of their families.

Later Dale was one of the founders of the Bible College in Brasilia that is still in operation. He established the curriculum, served as Dean of Students, and taubht classes. At the same time he began editing "The Messenger'" a newsletter for the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ in Brazil. One of the things he most enjoyed was teaching what he called "Lightning Seminars" to train church leaders in the practical aspects of pastoral ministry and evangelism to aid their ministries.

While in Ceres, Dale set up a Christian bookstore that served the frontier region of Brazil at that time. He also translated a book on speaking in tongues (much needed) to provide a balanced perspective on the issue for the Christian Churches. It has remained one of the only conservative works on the subject and is in use in Portuguese-speaking countries in Europe and Africa as well as South America.

Upon his return to the U.S., Dale served the Community Church in Meriden, Kansas and started an insurance business with Farmers Insurance Company. In 1986 he suffered a severe heart attack an stroke that left him disabled. Since that time he kept active by gardening. He has been a faithful member of Town and Country Christian Church since 1991.

Dale and Carol spent 20 years on the mission field (November 1961- January of 1982.) Of the seven children (Steven, Philip, Linda, Mark, Irene and the twins Samuel and Daniel) only the twins were born in Brazil. Most of the children have always been involved in the ministry in one way or another.