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David Bayless along with Jim Moreland, Rodney Anderson, and John Navis, teach what they were sent down here many years ago to teach. We haven't changed our doctrine to include teaching usually called Pentecostalism.

Those who call themselves pentecostal allege that they are practicing the miracles that the apostles practiced on the first Pentecost of the church. I can't see that they do anything miraculous at all that the apostles did. The "tongues" they "speak" aren't tongues as described the first time they come up in the Bible as being languages spoken by people. The excuse, as you know, is that they are "tongues of angels." Scripture, which I accept as authority, does not say that there is any such thing as tongues of angels. If you accept these "tongues," then you won't accept my explanation, or won't understand it. When people aren't cured, the ready-made excuse is that the sick person didn't have enough faith. There is no such happening as this in Scripture. It usually mentions that "they all were healed," or something to that effect.

David Bayless was born Jan. 1, 1937 in Knoxville, Tennessee, he graduated from high school in Alburquerque, New Mexico. He attended Ozark Bible College in Joplin, Missouri., from 1954 to 1959, receiving his Th. B. degree in May 1959. David heard Brother William E. Loft speak at the Kiamichi Clinic of the work in Brazil, and went and worked in the Amazon Valley during his 1957 summer recess from Ozark Bible College, Joplin, Missouri. He learned enough Portuguese language that summer that he was able to converse with the people and to preach several times in Portuguese. In 1958 David married Beverly, and arrived in Brazil on Nov. 8, 1959. Mrs. Beverly Kay Waller Bayless was born December 7, 1938 in Cedar Vale, Kansas. After graduating from high school in 1956 she too, attended Ozark Bible College for two years.

Both are from Christian homes, David's father J. Fred Bayless, is minister of the Ridgecrest Christian Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico. This church has voted to sponsor David and Beverly in their missionary work. Mrs. Bayless comes from a Christian farm home near Grenola, Kansas.

Joanne was adopted in 1964 and is in Wichita, Kansas, and John adopted in 1970, is in the Marines until the end of 1993, was stationed in Hawaii. Another child Paul, adopted in 1966 died after brain surgery in 1974.

Their work has always been in the area of Belém. The work with which they are cooperating in Brazil began in 1952, under the direction of Missionary Bill Loft, and includes four Churches, other preaching points, Correspondence Bible Course, and Bible teaching in homes.

Since arriving in Brazil on November 8, 1959, our work has been primarily in Icoaraci, suburb of Belem, capital of the state of Para, Brazil, and the principal port of the Amazon Valley; about 200 miles south of the Equator. We have worked principally with the Outeiro Road Church, begun in 1954 by Missionary Bill Loft, and with the Agulha Church, closer to the center of town. Since 1963 a competent Brazilian evangelist has been working with the Agulha Church, with his salary supplied from money the US Churches provide.

An Evangelizing Center SEVIC in the city of Belem, Para, Brazil was opened Oct. 12, 1964 by David. There were about 75 people present, including a representative of the mayor of Belem, the mayor of Ananindeaua and other Brazilians. The SEVIC has prepared and had printed a 10-Bible-Lesson Correspondence course in the Portuguese language as a start.

Five other missionary families work in this cooperation. The missionaries cooperate in classes for training the church men to know, preach and teach the Bible. The result of these classes is that the Gospel is moving into new areas and more families are being won by the men's efforts. Women's meetings are also conducted, with Bible, health and family care, and cooking being the chief subject taught.

Leadership training and new church planting consists of showing faithful and obedient men how to evangelize in their home churches and in new areas where they have contacts. This includes weekly orientation in making plans, as well as practical Bible teaching. Thsi type of evangelism and teaching is called "obedience-oriented education". The object of all teaching is to tenable the faithful men to take the next step in obedience to Christ's commands. This is resulting in greater growth in most of the churches, and the establishment of new churches. Brazilian men are doing this, with orientation from the missionaries.

Studies on a very simple level are prepared in the print shopt which David directs. These include how to tell about Christ, how to teach repentance, how to do the saem. They teach how to counsl people with many different types of problems, how to deal with error in the church, how to deal with poverty, how to teach a new Christian to live the Christian life, how to do the jof of elder, and many other practical aspects of evangelism and new church planting.

Beverly died in April, 1986. David later married Carol in April, 1987. She had been in Brazil for three years, from 1972-1976, so we knew each other. David and Carol have a daughter, Anne, who is 21, lives here, and is married to Igor de Aviz. Anne is a constant joy, and makes a hit with everyone.

Carol Lynn Garger Bayless was born on April 27th, 1946 in Grand Junction, Colorado. She received an Associate of Arts in 1966 from Mesa College in Grand Junction, Colorado, then receiving her B.A. in elementary education in 1968 from Universtiy of Northern Colorado. Carol felt fortunate in having accepted Christ as her Savior at the age of 12. Sunday School, Church, and youth group activities were a major influence on her life and those of her younger sisters. Taking part in Vacation Bible School, and summer Christian camps -- first as a student and later as a helper -- gave opportunity to fellowship with many Christian people and see the real difference He makes in a life. Living near Intermountain Bible College gave her contact with a number of young people who were preparing for lives of Christian service. Their witness, as they worked in the church and finally completed plans for entering the ministry or a mission field, changeld Carol to find a worthwhile purpose for her own life. She felt drawn to each mission field which she heard presented, but had no idea where she might be used. Carol has helped on the mission field with correspondence courses with over 1420 enrolled, several baptisms were attributed to follow-up on the lessons as well as keeping a track of each student.

Preparation continues to show its value. In Cidade Nova church, there has been a crisis in the leadership, with the loss of one of the elders. Because of discipleship, there are three well prepared young men, two of whom are university students, able to carry on evangelism and preparation of others.

David's work is in training leaders by teaching Bible books, Christian Evidences, and Hermeneutics. David teaches and practices evangelism. Carol and David are based in the church in Cidade Nova, the largest housing development in Latin America, on the edge of Belém. David writes lessons, preaches, and is an elder in the Cidade Nova church, with two others. David is about to begin training men for possible leadership alongside us. One of their strong points is preparation of over twenty men, women, and older young men and women, to teach the gospel by finding people who will listen, and teaching them to the point of baptizing them, and continuing to teach them.

They don't have any plans to leave Belem.