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The Amazon Valley Christian Home for Children was begun in 1952. At first, the children were housed in two different rented places until William Loft purchased the present property. In October 1954 Richard and Mrs. Sarah Robison became the supervisors of the Home. On August 9th, 1955, Ed and Mrs. Edna Bartlebaugh sailed from Savannah, Georgia to join the work of Amazon Valley Christian Mission in Belem, Para, Brazil. They will work with the Children's Home, now operated under the leadership of Richard D. and Mrs Sarah Robinson.

The ome is located about three miles from the nearest town - Icoaraci,Brazil - and about 15 miles from Belem, where the Amazon Valley Christian Mission is located. There are several buildings on the property - the latest one to be erected is the school building. The children of the neighborhood, as well as the children of the Home, attend school here. At present there are 50 enrolled in the school.

The family of the Amazon Valley Christian Home for Children has grown considerably this last year. We now have 41 children. There is also a cook, laundress, night watchman and a native couple that help care for this large family. The oldest boy, now past 17 is employed full time in the Home. He is awaiting his call for the one year of military training that is required of all young men. The oldest girl is 16; she is a great help to the laundress -- there are lots of clothes to be washed and ironed in a home of this size.

The Home teaches the children that work is honorable, regardless of how menial the task. It teaches them in their play that they must show good sportsmanship; it teaches the Bible in order that they may learn to serve Jesus.

The Home is a light to the children in darkness; it provides food for the hungry, medicine and care for those who are sick. It is a friend to the lonely, and gives hope for those in dire need. The Home is a key witness of practical doing and giving Christianity to the people of Brazil. when you invest in the Amazon Valley Christian Home for Children, you are investing the the lives of young children, trusting that in the future they will be great servants for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ed and Mrs. Edna Bartlebaugh of Chesterfield were married May 1st, 1932 at the First Christian Church of Alton. After serving in Brazil the Bartlebaugh's returned to the US and served in positions in Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia and Missouri.

Edna Bartlebaugh July 15, 1911 - February 7, 1997 Ed Bartlebaugh August 11, 1908 - June 28, 2000