Ernest and Luciene Moreland

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Ernest and Mrs. Luciene Moreland departed for central Brazil on September 23, 1976. They plan to start a children's home on a farm near Brasilia, the Federal Capital. This farm, owned by the Brasilia Church of Christ where Lloyd David Sanders serves as missionary-minister, is also a camp grounds. The Morelands plan to manage the farm and camp.

Ernest LeRoy Moreland was born April 3, 1949, in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. He had 12 years of school at Centerburg, Ohio, where he was graduated from high school in May, 1964. He studied at Newark College of Commerce, Newark, Ohio, and became a junior accountant. He had four years of training at Cincinnati Bible Seminary in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was graduated in 1971. He is recommended by the elders of Milford Church of Christ, Centerburg, Ohio; the Church of Christ, Milford Ohio; and Trenton Church of Christ, Trenton, Ohio. Virgil Warren and Grayson Ensign, professors at CBS, recommend this couple also.

Mrs. Luciene Bastos Sobrinho Moreland was born in Belem, Brazil. She graduated from high school in 1962 at Belem. She had three years of college there and earned her license to teach school. She received five years of training at CBS where she graduated with the B.S. degree in May, 1974. Luci met Ernie at CBS and they were wed on August 18, 1973. They have two sons born in Mt. Vernon, Ohio; Paul Bastos (December 4, 1974) and Mathew Gordon (July 22, 1976).