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Jennie left Brasilia in 1966, to finish her degree at Bible College and returned to Brazil to work again with Ginny & Bill Loft. Jennies mom mom was taken to a state hospital and the doctor had written for Jennie to come home to decide what to do about her situation, but Jennie didn't get that letter. Jennies forwarding agents: Chuck & Mildred Fordyce (then ministering in Hicksville NY) encouraged me to go home, attend to mom and when the situation had cleared up, she could return. However, Jennie remained there for 10 months striving to find the Lord's will in the situation, and with the doctor's advice that she probably wouldn't be much better and I had several preachers on Long Island encouraging me to stay on the Island and help the churches there, which I did. I worked with the Hicksville Church and other congregation at Glen Cove, Staten Island and helped start the congregation in Jamaica Queens (NYC).

The last 6 years Jennie was there, besides being church secretary and teaching Sunday school, she also started a nursery school for 4-5 year-old, which she loved, until we a new preacher arrived who had a different philosophy of Education and would discontinue the school Jennie had started. So, she moved south (in St. Petersburg) to appreciate the warmer climate as my winters were very hard on her physically with chest problems and arthritis, so she was near one of the neighbors she had known in Hicksville until her death. By this July 1, Jennie will have been in St. Petersburg for 30 years. She has had a variety of jobs to supplement my income, ranging from office work, account maintenance at a Savings bank, Work for a struggling group planning a project of ministry through a satellite system, taught Business math, typing and Business English for 3 years, worked in the local blood bank, for an insurance company, then 12 years at the Worship Channel on TV while also continuing with the Hicksville Church as secretary for 12 years or so.