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Philip Keith McAfee, born of Dale and Carol McAfee on August 28, 1954, second of 7 children, first went to Brazil with his parents in November of 1961 at the age of 7. Once his parents finished language school in Campinas, São Paulo, they returned to Goiânia for their first term of missionary work. During this time Philip was baptized into Christ by his father at the Vila Nova Christian Church.

For the second term of missionary work the family moved to Ceres, Goiás, along the newly opened Belém-Brasilia highway. There Philip attended brazilian school and was part of the local Boy Scout movement. Later Philip was transferred to the Presbeterian High School – Escola Bandeirante, where he graduated. It was also during this term that the McAfee house caught fire and they lost everything they had. This was the first fire the city of 16,000 had ever seen, and since then, there has never been another! Having graduated from the Escola Bandeirante High School in 1973, Philip remained one more year to accompany his father in the mission work. He worked with the youth group, was Sunday School Superintendent and also supplied preached in the small town of São Luiz de Montes Belos, Goiás.

When the family returned to US for their next furlough, Philip and his sister Linda both began attending Manhattan Christian College, Manhattan Kansas, where Philip obtained his BS in Christian Ministry in 1979. During his tenure at MCC he was minister of the WESTMORELAND CHIRISTIAN CHURCH in Westmoreland, Kansas. When he began at Westmoreland the congregation was composed of 11 persons: 4 children under the age of 13 and the rest elderly, all over 65 years of age. In 1979 Philip left the church with a retired part time minister, and a congregation of over 45 which to this day is one of the faithful supporters of the work in Brazil.

Having returned to the mission field on December of 1979, Philip began his brazilian ministry as manager of the Brasilia Camp ground and developing several activities among the local youth groups, including having been vice president of the Annual Youth Convention. During this time Philip met Tabita, who was member of the Brasilia youth group, and they began to date, were engaged on Feburary 7 of 1980 and married on July 11 of 1981.

Philip and Tabita have two daughters: Cynthia Lee McAfee, born while they ministered to the URIAS MAGALHÃES CHRISTIAN CHURCH in Goiânia, Goiás (begun by them in 1982-1985 with the blessing of the Fama church), and Angélica Christine Teixeirense McAfee, born in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro while they ministered to the CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF NITERÓI that they helped establish (1986-1989). Both churches are currently under national leadership. From there they moved to Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro to give assistance to the newly founded TERESÓPOLIS CHRISTIAN CHURCH (1990 – 1993). From 1994-1996 Philip and family remained in US while Philip pursued his master degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, with Friends University, Wichita, Kansas, and Tabita continued her studies in Psychology at Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas.

In 1997 Philip and family returned to Brasilia to work with the Bible College. During which time they planted the SOBRADINHO CHIRSTIAN CHURCH, which they minister to this present time. After completing a local research of the community they opened the TALITA CUMI DAY CARE CENTER, which currently has 46 children enrolled. This is a christian, non-profit school to help those families that cannot afford a school for their smaller children (ages 1.5-4) and serves as our evangelistic outreach to the community.

The year of 2011 is the 50 year celebration of the Mcafee mission work and Phil and Tabitas´s 30th wedding anniversary.