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Timothy Thomas serves Granville Center Church of Christ since 1981 - Teaching Service as a cross-cultural teaching missionary. He was born in Belem, Para, Brazil in 1956 and grew up on the mission field with his parents, Clinton and Phyllis Thomas. They started churches in Macapa and Urucara in the Amazon Valley. Tim studied in Brazilian and American Schools and graduated from Johnson Bible College in 1980 with a B. A. in Bible and Missions. Tim received his Masters of Arts in Religion (Christian Ministries) in 1987 from Emmanuel School of Religion. Tim has served in Brazil then in Portugal 1988-1991 then 20 other countries in direct educational and missionary capacity.

Tim believes missions comes from and is connected to the local church. Tim is quoted as saying “ Well I was always in missions and know no other way. “ Perhaps the need to share the Gospel of Jesus and that really missions (terminal ministry in and of itself along with prophecy) is the purpose of the Prayer of Jesus, John 17:17-23 and was the purpose for the Restoration Movement. Alexander Campbell wrote in his book the Christian System, way back in 1835, about the foundation and purpose of restored Christian unity.

"First, the testimony of the apostles [Scriptures] is the only and all-sufficient means of uniting all Christians". That means the only way to come to unity is to be reconciled on the bases of Scripture alone.

"Second, The union of all Christians with the apostles' testimony is all-sufficient and alone sufficient to the conversion of the world" (p. 86).

In 1991, Tim devised a missions methodology from the Scriptures and appropriate to modern transport. This was "Teaching Service" to be a service of teaching students in the area of residence. Teaching Service teaches people who speak English and/or Portuguese (directly or by translation).

Since 1996, Tim operates with Granville Center Church of Christ (GCCC). This concept provides for direct support in missions financing and accountability. Teaching Service aims to prepare and encourage church leaders, church workers and Christians in their service in the local church and missions. Tim has traveled to over 58 countries and has taught hundreds of students. Through Teaching Service - Tim has demonstrated it was possible to do this type of missions ministry in the modern world.

Tim resides mainly in Urucara, Amazonas, Brazil, assisting in a local missionary ministry there.